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Comments from the IMF, along with rumination from the SEC and actual decisions from the NYDFS, point towards a busy period for global regulators.

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Latest Industry News

SEC enforces legislation on company names

  • According to a Bloomberg report, at least two Exchange Traded Funds have had to change their names for potentially being misleading
  • Both funds referenced blockchain or DLT in their name and were made to change it at the last minute. But their ticker codes have seemingly gotten away with it

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NY giveth, and NY taketh away

  • In the same week Luxembourg-based Bitstamp received approval for its New York BitLicense, Bittrex, one of the biggest US exchanges, was denied theirs
  • “Discrepancies and omissions in KYC procedure” was cited the reason, marking this the second time the exchange has faced such issues

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First steps for TON network

  • Russian media are reporting the release of TON’s test net to a limited number of developers
  • One source was quoted as saying the transaction speeds were incredibly fast, though without being able to provide any further details

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Latest Coin News


Copper's weekly BTC price chart for 15 April 2019


Copper's weekly Eth price chart for 15 April 2019


Copper's weekly XRP price chart for 15 April 2019

  • Price analysis: Failing to make gains in the rally, XRP price drops to 50-day SMA
  • Ripple’s VC arm and Bain are making early stage investments into robotics
  • XRP enthusiasts take over the International Monetary Fund’s twitter poll


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