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It’s the biggest week on the blockchain calendar with Consensus kicking off in earnest today. The Copper team are looking forward to it, perhaps especially the opportunity to speak at #DAS2019 alongside some titans of institutional investment.

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Latest Industry News

Did someone say $7k?

  • When Bitcoin hits its highest price in over nine months, it’s hard not to make that the top story
  • Starting late last week BTC began to show double digit daily gains, leaving many to speculate about what’s driving the bulls. (Bloomberg video)

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UK Law Society to determine crypto status

  • A panel of legal professionals representing the UK government will work together to determine the status of crypto-assets under English private law
  • They have opened an initial public consultation which will be available to members of the public until 21 June 2019

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Barclays and RBS team up on real estate

  • Two of the UK’s biggest banks have joined forces to solve one of the biggest pain points of getting on the ladder, the mind boggling bureaucracy of purchasing property
  • A new R3-powered blockchain will provide greater efficiency and reduce the number of parties required in a real estate transaction

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Latest Coin News


Coppers weekly BTC price chart for 13 May 2019


Coppers weekly Eth price chart for 13 May 2019


Coppers weekly XRP price chart for 13 May 2019

  • Price analysis: One of the strongest in Monday trading, but 0.3160 still important barrier
  • Ripple to pioneer turning in-game goodies to digital assets
  • Malaysian money transfer firm Xendapay partners with Ripple


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