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Now, down to business. Last week was relatively quiet, maybe it was the heatwave? But there is still plenty of activity to report. Facebook continues to make waves with new entrants to the Libra Association. Meanwhile the IRS is blanket threatening anyone who’s ever traded crypto, Justin Sun missed lunch, and famous crypto bull John McAfee touched down in our home town.

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Latest Industry News

BTC-e owner sued for $100m

  • The US State of California has filed suit against Alexander Vinnick and the now defunct BTC-e exchange for $100m for violating the Bank Secrecy Act
  • Mr Vinnick was arrested in 2017 and has since been held in Greece, awaiting potential extradition to the US, who allege he stole nearly $300m

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Libra Association expanding

  • Japanese Monex Group, who own the popular exchange CoinCheck which was subject to 2018’s largest hack, have expressed an interest in joining Libra
  • The move was reported in their Q2 results meeting, and will not be finalised until after a platform review has been conducted at the end of the summer

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Bill Miller hedge fund soars 46%

  • The famous investor attributed the gains to Bitcoin and a few high-performing stocks, including Amazon, ADT, and Avon
  • Earlier this year Miller claimed not to be a Bitcoin believer, but was investing because the asset could have a higher value, and has no correlation to the stock market

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Latest Coin News


Copper's weekly BTC price chart for 29 July 2019

  • Price analysis: Despite recovery, the bull’s momentum remains weak
  • Novagratz gets FINRA approval for Galaxy Digital, and calls 20k BTC by year end
  • Lightning Labs designs monitoring tool for ‘Layer 2’ Bitcoin network


Copper's weekly ETH price chart for 29 July 2019

  • Price analysis: Might continue to recover, but it remains in a downtrend as long as below $225
  • Why has Ethereum become the go-to solution for enterprise dApps?
  • Microsoft is using the Ethereum blockchain to democratise AI


Copper's weekly XRP price chart for 29 July 2019


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