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Last week crypto ran the complete gambit from silly to serious. McAfee’s zombies were setting crypto twitter alight and competing for headlines with North Korea, who are adamant they haven’t been stealing $2bn from banks and exchanges 🧐

Closer to home, Coinbase has been alerting UK retail users that a no-deal Brexit will force them to migrate accounts to a European administered firm. And in the US, Ethereum-based Dharma has pivoted away from direct lending into stablecoin savings accounts.

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Latest industry news

TON code released

  • According to Russian media reports, the Telegram Open Network has released the code required to run a node. This takes the project one step closer to releasing tokens (ahead of schedule)
  • Telegram has promised to launch its mainnet on October 31, when the Gram (TON) tokens would also be unlocked

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Alan Howard to back $1bn crypto venture

  • The billionaire trader, and head of hedge fund Brevan Howard, is reportedly launching a $1bn venture fund through Elwood Asset Management, the firm that manages his personal crypto portfolio
  • The CIO of their systematic investment group says they have been screening crypto funds and identified up to 50 with potential to invest

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What is crypto custody anyway?

  • Noelle Acheson of Coindesk digs deep into some of the issues crypto asset investors face when trying to marry up the idea of custody in traditional finance with securing crypto assets in the new world
  • She discusses how the legacy term came to be relied upon so heavily, isolates the key (pun-intended) differences, and why we need new terminology

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Latest coin news


Copper's weekly BTC price chart for 02 September 2019


Copper's weekly ETH price chart for 02 September 2019


Copper's weekly XRP price chart for 02 September 2019

  • Price analysis: XRP/USD bears just won’t let go
  • Japan’s SBI to pay shareholders dividend in XRP
  • XRP community threaten to fork if founders don’t stop dumping


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