The most secure and accountable way to store digital assets

Copper’s security architecture combines client segregated cold storage with live trading accounts to give complete control over the custody and transmission of digital assets

Co-sign and verifytransactions in an offlineenvironment using Copper Unlimited

Dual stage multi-signature methodology connects the Copper Platform trading account with Copper Unlimited, our standalone offline custody application

Unlimited Storage

The application allows users to create secure offline cold storage for any digital asset on the Copper Platform. It further reduces risk by eliminating private keys and creating a triple distributed key system.

Unlimited Protection

With distributed keys, every withdrawal requires a multi-signature authorisation. The user and two of their three nominated key holders must co-sign the transaction before it is broadcast to the blockchain.

Serverless keys

Zero servers, mean zero network threats, which have compromised other storage solutions.

Optical air-gapping for offline security

Distributed keys and optical air-gapping are used to sign and verify transactions, ensuring your cold machine is always protected.

Multi-signature on every blockchain

Proprietary tech enables multi-signature security regardless of whether the blockchain natively supports it.

Download and activate Copper Unlimited to set up a new Vault
Copper Unlimited generates three password encrypted keys

One for you and two to be distributed to your trusted co-signees

Co-signees are notified when a transaction request has been made

Create a transaction on the Copper Platform

Transaction gets verified by key holders

Once approved by two of the three key holders the transaction is signed offline and broadcast to the blockchain

Copper’s infrastructure can be configured forbespoke prime brokerage. Click to learn more →

Secure Custody

Secure client-side cryptocurrency
custody with complete control

  • Secure accounts, requiring 2FA
  • Blockchain agnostic multi-sig
  • Copper does not control client assets
  • Offline (cold) wallet creation
  • Transactions initiated, signed, and verified offline
  • Full reporting through the Copper Platform

Best Execution

Empowering trading
teams to do more

  • Multi-user logins
  • Multiple trading accounts per user
  • Mandatory 2FA
  • Expanding availability of digital assets
  • Reporting that can be integrated with any PMS
  • Supports infrastructure for Walled Garden

Our clients include:

Single and Multi-family offices

Private banks

Asset Managers

Crypto Hedge Funds