Fee schedule


The secure storage and safekeeping of digital assets is the most important aspect of our business.  Multi-sig wallets and two factor authentication are required for access, and crypto funds are further secured by air-gapped offline cold storage.

Custody service (USD equivalent):

Aggregate value of assets in custody Fee*
Up to 100,000 0.80%
From 100,000 up to 5,000,000 0.70%
From 5,000,000 up to 10,000,000 0.60%
From 10,000,000 up to 25,000,000 0.50%
Above 25,000,000 0.45%

* Fees apply to the aggregate value of all client assets held in custody, not per individual account
* Fees do not apply to fiat balances
* Fees are accrued daily and debited monthly


A dedicated client relationship manager who understands the unique requirements of your portfolio will handle all of your orders to ensure the best prices are achieved regardless of exchange or geographic region.

Execution Service (USD value equivalent):

Lifetime volume Fee*
Under 2,500,000 0.60%
From 2,500,000 up to 10,000,000 0.50%
From 10,000,000 up to 20,000,000 0.40%
From 20,000,000 up to 50,000,000 0.30%
From 50,000,000 up to 100,000,000 0.20%
Above 100,000,000 0.10%

* Fees apply to the total value of each trade

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