CopperCasts — Episode 004

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Copper Team

For the fourth episode of Coppercasts, we’re joined by Piers Ridyard, the CEO of Radix DLT.

Piers has had, in a remarkably short amount of time, a very accomplished career that spans banking, law, and consumer electronics. Lately he finds himself at the helm of a new layer one protcol that is being designed to bring maturity and sanity to the world of Decentralised Finance, DeFi.

CopperCasts are split into two parts. The first is a short (2min) video in which our guest shares with us something they find unusual or inspiring about the digital asset space. The second half is a traditional audio-only podcast, which you can stream at the bottom of this page, or search for it in iTunes.

In his Show & Tell segment, Piers highlights the insane growth of assets locked into DeFi projects, and the impact that is having on Ethereum, the primary layer one protocol DeFi projects are currently built on.

In our longer conversation, Piers digs deep into the big topics:

  • What is Defi?
  • What’s holding Defi back from wider adoption?
  • How do we achieve scalability and composability using DLT?
  • How do you build a sustainable community of security-minded developers on a new layer one protocol?
  • And why it’s important to get a good night’s sleep


You can (and should) follow Piers and Radix on Twitter.

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