There are very few people in crypto who have transitioned from the Metropolitan Opera to digital assets. Joseph Cox, COO at XMonetae Capital, is one of them.

XMonetae is an NFA and SEC registered asset management firm specialising in digital asset trading for sophisticated and institutional investors.

In this conversation with CopperCasts host, Tyler Kenyon, Joe speaks about rising institutional interest in crypto, how XMonetae approaches risk management, the challenges of staying focused in a sector abound with endless opportunities, and the areas of the industry he believes hold the most potential in the years to come.

Don’t forget to check out Joe’s Show & Tell where he shares why digital assets present a historic market opportunity. In this clip, Joe explains that the cryptoasset market cap being relatively tiny compared to traditional asset classes such as gold, US public equities and US bonds, demonstrates the vast amount of room there is for the digital asset industry to run.

The second graph that Joe references to make his point is the compound annual growth return of bitcoin versus traditional assets over a one, three, five and ten year timespan.

Note: This episode was recorded on 24 April 2022.

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