Financial scenarios for Bitcoin during and after US elections

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Copper Team

There is no shortage of speculation about how the upcoming 2020 US election’s outcome will effect the price of Bitcoin and the wider digital asset community.

But rather than guess, we decided to look at how elections have impacted markets for the last hundred years to try and better determine what the short and medium term impacts could be.

Contrary to popular belief, stock markets show that there is no inherent bias one way or the other toward a particular party’s victory.

The volatility seen around elections is often perceived to be party-political orientated, when in reality it is merely a reaction to economic uncertainty. This year that is expected to be compounded by the Covid pandemic and historically-high unemployment.

Click to download our full report as we dig into previous election results, BTC’s correlation with gold, the S&P500, and even itself.

You can view all three reports here: Copper In-Depth series No.8

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