Bitcoin finally managed to break out from a prolonged consolidation phase, climbing to $45k on Sunday – its highest level in more than two months.

However, it was Ether that stole the show last week.

On Thursday, Ethereum’s highly anticipated London hard fork upgrade went live, ushering in the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 and moving ETH closer to becoming a deflationary asset. The world’s second largest cryptocurrency is now valued at around $3.1k per coin, up more than 20% from a week ago. And as of Monday afternoon, the crypto market cap stands perched at almost $1.8T – more than a $400bn jump from the week prior.

Both the potential turnaround of markets and Ether pushing prices forward were assessments made recently by our research team.

Also interestingly, the spike in crypto prices is taking place in the midst of massive regulatory uncertainty in the United States as Biden's infrastructure bill makes its way through congress.

The vague language of the crypto-related provisions of the bill that propose stricter tax regulation has led to enormous debate among industry participants. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is one industry participant to come out against the wording of bill, saying that it wrongly cover miners and decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols to go through the process of KYC with all of their users — something that is impossible for both miners and DeFi protocols.

We now join the entire crypto universe in watching with bated breath to see how this latest fiasco will play out. Whatever happens, we aren’t too worried. One way or another, crypto will find a way through – as it always has. It also might be too soon to sound alarm bells. The vote headed for Tuesday would still need to pass the US House sometime in September too.

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Cryptocurrency debate slows infrastructure bill

Senators spent a second weekend in a row wrangling over the details of a $1T bipartisan infrastructure proposal. Two competing crypto amendments sandwiched in the U.S. infrastructure bill caused a huge stir, with lawmakers debating changes to how the bill defines a “broker” in a provision intended to raise more tax revenue from crypto transactions. There is no agreement over whether the amendments will get considered for inclusion before a final vote is called, with a 30-hour deadline set to expire in the early of Tuesday morning. Read More

Brian Brooks resigns as CEO of crypto exchange Binance US

Brian Brooks, chief executive of the US arm of global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, said on Friday he had resigned just three months after taking up the role. The former US banking regulator and crypto enthusiast is resigning at a time when regulators in Hong Kong, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy and Thailand have cracked down on Binance due to worries over investor protection. Read More

Ethereum gains steam after London hard fork

One of the most significant upgrades to the Ethereum network happened last Thursday. The ‘London Hard Fork’ marks a major step towards making Ethereum deflationary and the network more scalable. Data shows Ether is burning at a rate of around 3.17 coins a minute since the new upgrade rolled out across the network. The London Hard Fork also acts as a prelude to ‘Serenity’ or ETH 2.0, which will likely be live by the end of the year. Read more

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Hedgeweek Americas Awards 2021: Vote for us as Best Digital Assets Custodian!

We've been shortlisted for another award - this time in the 'Best Digital Assets Custodian' category in the Hedgeweek Americas Awards. Winners are decided by majority vote, and you can help us achieve this award by casting your vote here. Thank you. 😊

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