Shanghai in Sight

Following the highly anticipated Merge upgrade in September, which saw Ethereum transition to a proof-of-stake network, the focus for the core team has been preparing for the next major upgrade, known as Shanghai. The Shanghai upgrade, scheduled for March, will allow staked Ethereum to be withdrawn — something not currently possible during Ethereum’s current staking period. There is currently over 17 million staked Ether across over 500,000 validators. To operate an Ethereum validator, a minimum of 32 ETH must be staked.

SEC vs Mango Grove

In this Risk Bytes, we will explore a complaint filed against the exploiter of the Mango Markets exchange, (see Code is Law, Risk Bytes Vol 8 for background) Avraham Eisenberg (“Avi”). The US government does not need to prove that Mango’s MNGO tokens are securities to prosecute (market manipulation is a crime, even for non-securities), but the SEC is seizing this opportunity to arguably reiterate its jurisdiction over the whole digital asset space.

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