Solana transactions restored after ’Durable Nonce’ bug hits blockchain

We have updated our Solana services

Copper Team

Solana suffered an outage on Wednesday 1 June due to a bug in the durable nonce transactions feature, affecting Copper clients who could not process SOL transactions within Vaults and Treasury accounts.

On Friday 10 June, we updated our platform to support Solana transactions without durable nonce accounts. This enables our customers to transact on Solana again. Copper customers and administrators alike are required to update their Copper Unlimited software to the following versions:

Copper Unlimited Desktop: 2.6.1207

Copper Unlimited Online (dockerised): 0.1.235

Copper Unlimited for iOS: 2.6.345

What’s new?

  • Transactions now have an expiration time of about a minute. If the client and administrator don’t sign within this time-window, the transaction is voided and the the signing process will need to be repeated.
  • All Copper customers can now withdraw tokens on the Solana blockchain without additional actions.
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