Why is blockchain fundamental analysis difficult?

For our latest in-depth series, we dive into the complexities of sound fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency

Copper Team

Patience is often attributed as the key ingredient to making serious money in crypto.

“Patience pays,” they say. Or, “Nobody gets rich in a week – you just need to exercise a little patience.”

While it’s true that many crypto investors have reaped the rewards of their patience, there is another important skill that is often overlooked in the crypto community; fundamental analysis.

A sound understanding of fundamental analysis is crucial in preserving capital in a highly-volatile market, and something that more traders should be looking to add to their arsenal of skills.

As a crypto trader, you want to know what causes prices to climb, fall or stagnate. The Bitcoin blockchain provides a mound of data that can be used to evaluate market activity. While there are multiple considerations and different ways to read and glean information from every available dataset on the blockchain, traders with a good understanding of fundamental analysis are better placed to gauge Bitcoin’s network value.

Our latest in-depth series, Why is Blockchain fundamental analysis difficult?, sheds light on the complexities of sound fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency, what the data tells us today, and whether or not the outlook can be improved in the future.

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