Prime brokeragefor crypto-assets

Pioneering infrastructure enables funds to deploy capital
across multiple exchanges, while maintaining independent custody

Connect to

Independent custody connected to multiple exchanges

To prevent malicious attacks against a Fund’s infrastructure, and to prevent an Investment Manager being forced to withdraw the Fund’s assets to an unauthorised, potentially criminal, external wallet location, an Independent Custodian with technological and business process solutions is required to mitigate risk

  • Connect directly to exchanges using APIs
  • Add funds to exchange accounts directly in the Copper Platform
  • External withdrawals require Multi-sig authorisation
  • Read-only access for Fund Administrators
  • Full reporting through the Copper Platform
  • Initiate, sign, and verify transactions completely offline
Easy balance

Use the Copper Platform to seamlessly move funds from secure offline cold storage to any of your whitelisted exchange accounts

Suitable for

With a 10 minute SLA, withdrawals to and from exchanges happen when you need them to, not when is convenient for your custodian


Investment managers do not have access to private keys or exchange credentials, ensuring withdrawals only go to fund-approved locations

How it works

Copper Unlimited

A client Seed is created and split for safekeeping. The private key is broken into three encrypted pieces and distributed to fund-trusted 3rd parties

Exchange Accounts

Working with Copper Administrators, the Fund will establish trading accounts across multiple execution venues

Walled Garden

Using the Fund’s existing OEMS, the Investment Manager is now free to trade between exchanges, with the Copper Unlimited Vault providing secure, independent custody

"The Copper Walled Garden is the first independent end-to-end custody solution for funds that trade on multiple exchanges. Institutional investors can now invest in crypto funds, confident that their funds are always controlled by the custodian, mitigating the risk of a self-custodying fund manager."

— Michael Hall, Fund Manager, Nickel Asset Management