ClearLoop Exchanges

Pioneering infrastructure enables trading firms to deploy capital across 30+ exchanges while maintaining independent custody


The digital asset settlement network

Trade and settle securely with our rapidly growing exchanges:


  • Attract New Investors
    Investors can trade with exchanges without having to move assets, thereby increasing speed, access and flows. Moreover, investors can to multiply their own trading volumes via an exchange by trading with counterparts within ClearLoop.
  • Mitigate the End Counterparty Risk Limits
    Investors can now trade with exchanges beyond their custody limitations driving more trading volume.
  • Enjoy New Flows
    Institutional and regulated investors will be attracted to venues that support independent custody as increasingly mandated by Regulators.

Easily delegate funds to Exchanges Delegate Funds, Never Transfer

The ClearLoop clearing and settlement infrastructure enables a fund to trade quickly and efficiently while reducing counter party risk.

clearloop 1

Secure multi-party computation

wallet creation

Funds are held in physically segregated client accounts. Using secure MPC wallet creation and multi-sig methodology, key shards are distributed across three parties for ultimate protection:

The ultimate protection for institutions

  • 1
    Shards securely generated

    Key shards are formed simultaneously and in isolation using multi-party computation in a secure environment

  • 2
    Zero-knowledge proof

    Co-sign transactions remotely without risk of private key exposure, because there is no longer a private key

  • 3
    Max security & control

    Configure your vaults with on & offline shards to get ultimate security and control of your digital assets

*In the event of a dispute, the TTP will act as arbiter.

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