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DeFi Vault

Secure solution ​for DeFi interactions.

Securely deploy assets in a unique segregated zone ​created specifically for Web 3.0.

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Custody Vault Online and offline MPC technologies combined to create a custody environment for digital assets that provides maximum security without compromising control​.
Store funds
Trading Vault Mitigate malicious attacks and prevent fraud risk by creating a secure closed environment for transmitting assets across multiple exchanges with Copper ClearLoop™ or API’s.​
OTC Trading
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DeFi VaultManage your governance policies and whitelist decentralised apps that your wallet is allowed to interact with, from a secured and segregated environments​
Defi Trading

Secure and segregated zone

for DeFi operations and trading​

  • Limit risk from the likes of long-term smart contracts and unknown counterparties by sandboxing DeFi operations within a segregated DeFi vault.
  • Manage how users execute DeFi trading strategies by setting permissions for their approval level, transaction thresholds, and protocol and token contract whitelisting.
  • Manage your governance policies and whitelist decentralised apps that your wallet is allowed to interact with
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using Copper infrastructure

NEM first discovered Copper when we were looking for a solution to reduce credit risk on OTC derivatives. Since then we have deepened the relationship with a Copper Solution to facilitate Wrapped NEM Tokens and participation in Defi Liquidity Pools. What we like most is the combination of Customer focus combined with technical delivery. We look forward to building more solutions on our new blockchain Symbol with Copper.
— Iain Wilson, CFO, NEM
“Copper’s Platform offers a great solution for digital asset managers to trade multiple assets within one secure and user-friendly space. Integrating ROSE into the Copper platform, brings ROSE to the new generation of institutional crypto asset managers.”
— Jernej Kos, Director of Oasis Protocol Foundation

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