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Institutional OTC and eOTC services​

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Institutional OTC

Private large volume crypto​ trading with secure settlement​

Settlement on large volume fiat and crypto trading enables real-time capital recycling. Secured by our award-winning digital asset custody application and managed on the Copper Platform.

Dedicated account managers

Secure MPC custody built in as standard

Institutional eOTC

Rapid RFQs

eOTC harnesses the convenience of APIs

Price updates every 3 seconds

Click of-a-button access to deep liquidity

One place for price discovery and execution

Completely private and anonymous

Rapid RFQs with private large volume crypto trading built-in

eOTC harnesses the convenience of APIs

Live prices

Prices update every 3 seconds keeping you ahead of the market

Aggregated liquidity

Aggregated liquidity & RFQs ensures you receive the best execution price

Private trades

Completely private large volume crypto trading

Secure settlement

Settlements are secure using Copper’s pioneering infrastructure

One-click liquidity

Click-of-a-button access to deep liquidity

All in one platform

One simple home for price discovery and execution at your fingertips

“Copper has been a game changer for Orbital by providing a well abstracted MPC wallet & custody solution, with built in access to exchange/OTC liquidity. Having this in one place has helped streamline our workflow and create efficiencies for our business. The Copper team have also been really fast to accommodate any small changes to their product which were necessary for our use case. We find them to be great partners to our business.”
— Luke Wingfield Digby, Co-founder

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Copper Execution

Find out more about Copper's Institutional OTC and eOTC services. Secured by our award winning Custody application, managed through the Copper Platform.

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