Copper Unlimited makes growing cryptocurrency portfolios a viable opportunity for institutional investors.

London, 14 August, 2018, a leading crypto portfolio management platform for institutional investors, has launched the industry’s first server-less (offline) co-sign custody solution. Requiring multiple nominated key holders to verify transactions, Copper Unlimited opens-up investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market by making transactions safer, more accountable, and less prone to human error.

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO,, said: “Finally, the cryptocurrency market is a viable opportunity for institutional investors. Copper Unlimited removes the security risk you get from key management systems that operate with a single point of failure, which is fundamentally what prevents serious investors from growing a portfolio of digital assets. Built on the same protocols used by the National Security Agency to encrypt their communications, Copper now offers the most secure storage environment on the market.”

To move digital assets out of a Copper Platform account, users will require two of their three nominated key holders to approve the transaction. Offline co-signing is enabled using an encrypted copper key file. With multiple users required to complete a withdrawal, Copper Unlimited uses advanced server-less encryption technology to remove the inherent risk associated with online sharding, private key re-configuration, and private key management.

Further details on the process and security of the Copper Unlimited custody solution can be found in our blog.

At launch, Copper Unlimited will secure the 5 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. In the months to follow, new assets will be added at a rate of 4 per month, and on an ad-hoc client request basis to meet demand. Beta testing is in place until the end of August.

Copper Unlimited works exclusively through the Copper Platform.





The Copper infrastructure provides unparalleled security, ensuring your custody and execution requirements are future-proofed against any changes to the regulatory environment. With Copper taking care of your back office, technology will never be a barrier preventing you from growing a portfolio of digital assets. For further information, please visit

Platform and Custody application demonstrations are available on request. In order to beta test or use either tool on crypto mainnets, full KYC and AML checks are required.

Hi-resolution images and logos are available upon request.



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