Amidst the abrupt collapse of FTX and Alameda, we invited Kevin de Patoul, co-founder of market maker Keyrock to discuss what impact the fallout of one of the biggest disasters in crypto history will have on crypto market liquidity, and what’s needed to restore confidence in the sector.

Founded in Belgium in 2017, Keyrock is a digital asset market maker, providing liquidity services to tokens, exchanges and brokerages within the digital asset ecosystem. Earlier this year, the firm was ranked by Deloitte as one of the five fastest-growing companies in Belgium during 2022.

In the interview part of the podcast, Kevin and host Tyler discussed whether FTX’s downfall will fuel the case for DeFi, with Kevin citing concerns that even though FTX was a 'centralised crisis', it may be DeFi that will face stricter regulatory scrutiny. With Keyrock being based in the headquarters of the European Union, MiCA was also naturally a key topic.

For his Show & Tell, Kevin describes why in the quest to enhance crypto market transparency and accountability, moving everything on-chain is simply not enough.

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