The potential created by joining distributed ledger technology with finance is incredible. But right now, it’s just incredibly broken.

This is why we created Copper. As a retail investor, it’s easy enough to acquire digital assets, and in retail quantities it’s relatively low-risk to just store them on a device in your pocket (or as most people unbelievably still do, just leave them in an exchange wallet).

But for investors with more at stake, there simply isn’t a good enough solution anywhere for safe storage. But rather than just sitting around bemoaning the problem, we put our heads together and fixed it.

What makes us different? Amid all the ICO speculation, and price volatility based on nothing more than public mania, we have actually built something that works. A product that satisfies the needs of institutional investors for the safe storage of digital assets, while also capable of supporting the trading requirements of entire teams. We even threw in some bells and whistles to make the platform easy to understand and simple to interact with.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing upgrades that will completely change the way the market views custody. Copper will re-define an element of financial services that has eluded the market for years. Cryptography that’s never been seen before will provide security you can’t find anywhere else.

We will also keep you posted as we progress towards becoming authorised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Currently digital assets are not regulated, but we aim to change that. We already adhere to strict guidelines that surpass the FCA’s existing requirements for financial institutions, anticipating the close scrutiny that will be applied to our new industry. After all, digital assets should have as much legal protection as they do technological.

You may be left wondering why we called it Copper? Copper has been part of physical currencies for more than 2,500 years. More recently, it was the critical component in the evolution of microprocessors, enabling a massive jump in computing power and efficiency.

At this nexus of technology and commerce, our Copper applications will contribute to the next paradigm shift in financial services.

A big ambition, but we like a challenge around here.

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