Highlighting what went right, and what went wrong, in this week’s crypto news analysis.

It’s been a busy week in the world of crypto: Coinbase is on the acquisition train, along with adding ETC to their stable of coin offerings; John McAfee is eating humble pie following news that the unhackable wallet is, well, hackable; and the mining world is having it’s effect on Nvidia’s share price following a poor Q3 earnings report.

The biggest news this week, though under-reported, was the release of Copper Unlimited.  We have been working on a secure server-less custody solution for six months, so it was with great pleasure we announced earlier this week that it’s market ready. The reviews from beta testers have been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re confident the product will go from strength to strength as it expands the trading and storage opportunities in the Copper Platform. Click here to read our extended blog post giving details of the security and processes behind Copper Unlimited.

Below we have our weekly roundup of industry and coin specific news.  If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of our products or services, we look forward to hearing from you. Just send us a note.

Latest Industry News

Unlimited Potential

  • Secure offline storage for crypto takes a giant leap forward with Copper Unlimited

  • Co-signing enabled, and blockchain agnostic, the storage application is built specifically for institutional investor

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Coinbase acquires digital ID company

  • Distributed Systems is acquired by Coinbase. Their focus is to take proof of identity into dApps

  • The technology could be used for everything from library cards to social media, social security, or even passports

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The unhackable wallet

  • In typical McAfee flare, a bug bounty was launched for the Bitfi wallet which set the security research crowd into a frenzy

  • Only days later, a 15 year-old successfully loaded Doom onto the device

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Nvidia seeing red

  • Revenue generated from crypto mining stood at $2.6bn, up 40% y-o-y, but down 4% sequentially

  • In an attempt to downplay the extent of their revenue which relies on crypto, Nvidia said most of their business came from amazing computer games...

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis:

  • Nick Szabo says Bitcoin ETFs could be

  • Are

    better than one? CNET hosts a wide panel


  • Price analysis

  • Forbes

    , talk shop and Google job hunting

  • A summary of

    that could be responsible for Eth's performance of late


  • Price analysis

  • With big competitors, in an enormous market,

    for expansion of international payment processing

  • Ripple is

    by announcing its preferred exchanges for XRP


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