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A busy week for crypto enthusiasts with the launch of two Ethereum upgrades, both reported to have been successfully implemented.

But it’s not all good news; auditing firm EY released its third report on failed Canadian exchange Quadriga CX. There are still 26,000 missing Bitcoin. Though some have speculated that nearly all of it was converted to Eth and stored on multiple exchange accounts, deepening the mystery.

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Latest Industry News

What happens to crypto in a recession?

  • With the UK, and many other leading economies, heading towards a recession in late 2019/2020, some are asking the question, what about bitcoin?

  • The future of finance could be as simple as crypto software as a service

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Messenger Coins

  • The NYT reported on rumours that facebook’s secretive internal blockchain group, led by former PayPal exec, is working on a new coin

  • Parallels are drawn to popular messaging app Telegram, which last year concluded a $1.7bn ICO, marking it one of the biggest in history

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Coinbase users revolt at latest acquisition

  • The acquisition of data analytics firm Neutrino has sparked fear among Coinbase users that they are under surveillance

  • Neutrino founders were pair behind Italian firm Hacking Team, long favoured by brutal authoritarian governments. #deletecoinbase began trending as a result

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • Lightening

    allows plugins written in any language

  • Top 100 BTC wallet addresses

    since December


  • Price analysis

  • Fancy a career change? Ethereum Foundation is looking for a

  • Constantinople and St Petersburg both


  • Price analysis

  • Head of Markets replies to

    of Coinbase listing

  • Class action suit against Ripple will stay in


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