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Regulators, it turns out, never sleep! September was a hugely busy month, which means there are over 100 updates you ought to be aware of in the regulatory environment. While price volatility has been (almost suspiciously) low this past week, volumes are also down. This despite more institutional entrants to crypto. We’ll be following this emerging trend very closely.

Last week the Copper team were busy presenting at an invitation only event in London, hosted by DC Finance and attended by some of the most prominent family office wealth managers in the world. Talks focused on shifting regulatory environments, security standards, applications of blockchain tech outside of crypto, and a few hot tips for upcoming projects. Copper CEO Dmitry Tokarev gave a presentation that focused on why secure custody is the single most important consideration for family offices looking to invest in digital assets.

Below we have our weekly roundup of industry and coin specific news. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of our products or services, we look forward to hearing from you. Just send us a note.

Latest Industry News

How many updates can you fit in one month?

  • The Copper Regulator Roundup is out. Over 100 updates from around the world point to a very busy space

  • Some jurisdictions, like Malta, accelerate their approval while others are stalling

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Trouble in Paradise

  • Coinbase is saying goodbye to their long time head of institutional investment, Adam White

  • He was Coinbase’s 5th employee and had been with the firm since 2013. Jonathan Kellner has been hire as MD of the division

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Betting on failure: chip makers v. Ethereum

  • Chip makers investing in ASICs to mine Ethereum are laying down huge sums of money, suggesting they don’t think Ethereum is near their PoS goal

  • Controversial decision following last month’s core dev call, and October’s hard fork

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Latest Coin News



  • Price analysis

  • Vitalik on his way out, suggesting on twitter that

  • 637% increase in

    . Why is this important?


  • Price analysis

  • Moneytap app could be

    , if only in the long term

  • Drawing comparisons between Ripple and


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