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The U.S. has had, and will have, a busy week with several notable launches imminent. First, Overstock has said their Tzero native token and digital security will be made available to the public within days; Binance has said that following a compliance review they are ready to launch in the US with 30 assets; and finally, MIT has provided commentary around the US-China trade war, specifically implications for Bitcoin - it's popularisation or impending doom.

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Latest Industry News

Binance funds in mixers

  • More than 4,000 coins have moved through chipmixer since June in an attempt to obfuscate the blockchain record of the stolen funds

  • Clain.io has been tracking the movement, saying “it’s practically impossible to launder big volume of coins in a relatively short period of time”

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China’s digital asset ready

  • The Central Bank said the asset would be operated on a two-tier structure in order to deal with China’s massive economy, resource endowment, and vast population

  • The government has been working on this since 2014, and despite building on blockchain, the asset will be fully centralised

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Coinbase drops Zcash for UK customers

  • Customers have just two weeks to find a new wallet for their Zcash holdings, or convert/sell, before Coinbase automatically liquidates their balance to GBP

  • This sudden removal follows news that HMRC has demanded customer transaction data from prominent UK retail exchanges

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • Tim Draper hedges prediction of

    , aiming for Q1 2023

  • McAfee doubles down on 2020 prediction, confident of hitting


  • Price analysis

  • Crypto Twitter and analysts disagree on


  • Director of MTG Arena is joining Ethereum’s


  • Price analysis

  • Ripple looks to acquisitions following

    in MoneyGram

  • MoneyGram is using

    to access RippleNet for cross border payments

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