Highlighting what went right, and what went wrong, in this week’s crypto news analysis.

Last week a UK survey by Yougov suggests the youth of the country believe the future of Bitcoin is promising.  Meanwhile Colorado is cracking down on ICOs, shutting four more this week, which brings their total to 12 - equalling the SEC’s own enforcement record. South Korea has also pursued closures this week with exchange Zeinex announcing they will cease to operate.

On a more positive note, The Central Bank of the Bahamas has announced a framework for regulating digital assets. They cited the ability for blockchain enabled technologies to improve international payments and offer safe record keeping, but also cited concerns over money laundering, tax evasion, and fraud.

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Latest Industry News

Crypto derivatives will establish the industry

  • A small but growing market for cryptocurrency derivatives is beginning to emerge

  • While volumes remain low, and access limited, its a positive sign for institutional investors

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VenEck comment on ETF application

  • Head strategist Gabor Gurbacs has spoken about their ETF review, which is due by the end of the year

  • Price manipulation still the biggest concern, but it shouldn’t be the purview of the SEC anyway

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Longterm altcoin trend line

  • Coindesk has published a long term graphing exercise looking at the marketcap of



  • If you believe technical price analysis can be extrapolated here, then the outlook is not so good

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Latest Coin News


Price Analysis: Lower highs and higher lows in Bitcoin consolidation

Square payment processor has generated $43m in revenue from Bitcoin transactions

Bitpay has announced they will not support the upcoming BCH hard fork


Price Analysis: Bullish above $214, but we’re not quite there yet

Co-Founder of Ethereum says blockchain tech will enable web3.0, but take longer to crystallise

A highly anticipated new Ethereum layer, Swarm, will decentralise storage


Price Analysis: Hovering around $0.50, but could recover above $0.52 in near-term

Mitsubishi bank signs deal to use Ripple for cross-border payments with Banco Bradesco S.A.

Former PayPal execs secure $50m funding for Cred, an XRP lending facility


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