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Security token offerings are back in the news this week with an Aspen Colorado based resort raising $18m. If you haven't heard the term STO before, Copper has created an explainer on how they will play a role in establishing cryptocurrencies.

Institutional investors will have also noted Coinbase has dropped support for their index fund product. Instead they will focus on their retail business, which is down 80% this year. But there was some good news for institutional investors, with CFTC Chairman publicly stating they will help to mature the cryptocurrency market.

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Latest Industry News

Are STOs the future of Crypto?

  • We think so. This isn’t to say there won't be role for utility tokens, just that until the differences are ironed out, and more importantly, regulated, both will be stuck in a state of limbo

  • Copper looks at what a security is, and where the latest judgements sit on whether crypto could/should be regulated as one

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Coinbase closes index fund

  • Four months after opening the $250k minimum purchase product to US investors, Coinbase is shutting it down

  • They will instead focus on their retail orientated 'bundle' where the minimum investment is just $25

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Bithumb sold to plastic sugeons

  • BK Global consortium, a Singapore based medical science group, has purchased 50% plus one share of Bithumb

  • The Korean exchanges raised $354m, making BK Global the largest stakeholder

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • Research shows BTC

    as previously thought

  • Bitcoin and the

    issue explained (backgrounder)


  • Price analysis

  • Constantinople is

    to be released this month

  • Then again, Constantinople is facing



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