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While concerns over the Libra coin (and Association) remain for many regulators, last week the French ratcheted it up a notch by attempting to ban all further development in Europe.

But it’s not all bad news as one regulator, the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, gave the green light to CF Benchmarks. A particularly welcome sign given benchmark authorisation is not impacted by finicky things like Brexit.

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Latest Industry News

What does the institutional space look like?

  • Last week Copper’s head of sales, Boris Bohrer-Bilowitzki spoke with Bitcoin Magazine about industry trends and what the institutional market for crypto looks like

  • Over the past few months volumes have certainly increased, in large part because the infrastructure is now in place. Being able to quickly and securely access funds is paramount

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CF Benchmarks authorised under FCA

  • This is the first index provider to be authorised as a Benchmark Administrator under the European Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR) which goes into effect 1 Jan 2020

  • The firm is used by the CME group for its Bitcoin futures contracts, but crucially in Europe any financial product linked to a benchmark has to be a regulated benchmark

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A platform for BCH derivatives

  • Roger Ver has announced his plans to launch a Bitcoin Cash derivatives market alongside the newly launched bitcoin.com exchange

  • According to the exchange’s CEO David Shin, this would be one way to increase the BCH trading volume, ultimately aiming to make it number 2 or 3

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • 600k new mining machines come online, pushing

    to 85EH/s

  • CME files to double number of

    open positions to 2,000


  • Price analysis

  • Powerful new

    nearly ready for production

  • Vitalik Buterin shares thoughts and

    over FB’s Libra


  • Price analysis

  • Bitcoin ATM network secures funding from

  • Hard fork unlikely to succeed amid


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