Highlighting what went right, and what went wrong, in this week’s crypto news analysis.

The biggest news of the week might be considered by some to be non-news: JPM released an internal payment system. Noteworthy perhaps only because of CEO Jamie Dimon’s famous antipathy for bitcoin.

But there were certainly other more newsworthy events last week as well. The Nasdaq announced the imminent release of two new crypto indexes, Bitcoin Liquid and Ethereum Liquid. The world of crypto M&A continues, with Canada’s Coinsquare purchasing the Stellar X exchange for an undisclosed sum.

And speaking of Canada, the much maligned Quadriga CX firm has been granted a stay to their bankruptcy proceedings while they try to get to the bottom of where the exchange’s reserve fund seeds are held. Maybe they should have used a distributed key system, like a responsible custodian….

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Latest Industry News

Are digital assets still useful as P2P payments?

  • It may have been bitcoin’s original intent ten years ago, but since then the landscape has changed dramatically

  • So which coins/tokens are most useful today as a form of peer-to-peer payment?

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Understanding Custody

  • We partnered up with Coin Bureau to help readers understand what is meant by custody of digital assets

  • Copper’s CEO provided details on what it is, where it came from, how it’s changing, and what regulators think of it

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Not a coin, or is it?

  • JP Morgan announced the creation of their in-house payment method, a ‘digital currency’ built on a private version of Ethereum

  • Dubbed JPM Coin, it could rival the usefulness of XRP, but is unlikely to make waves in the cryptocurrency space any time soon

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • Chinese BTC miner claims next

    will be 20x the last, targeting $740k

  • Could the

    help analysts predict the next BTC boom or bust?


  • Price analysis

  • Is an

    to blame for depressing the price of Eth?

  • Core dev,

    , quits social media over conflict of interest


  • Price analysis

  • Bloomberg is predicting a very negative outcome for

    following JPM Coin

  • Ripple launch new version of

    , change is meant to be more resistant to censorship


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