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A persistent bear market has many traditional analysts questioning how much further prices can or will drop. Meanwhile, at the annual gathering of financial elites in Switzerland, discussions were balanced between the environmental impact (of everything) and how tech innovation will save us all.

Speaking of tech innovation, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed he liquidated his crypto positions at peak mania, selling his BTC at $20k for a 2,800% profit. He also re-iterated his opinion that bitcoin is ‘pure digital gold’.

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Latest Industry News

Davos recap

  • The environment was a major theme this year, with a spotlight on energy-hungry crypto mining practices

  • Innovation was also a popular topic, with blockchain the darling of the day and new co-chairs announced for the Global Blockchain Council

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JPMorgan critical of mining costs

  • Following an earlier report, which stated BTC would drop to $1,200, JPMorgan expects large volume of miners to cease operations

  • Citing a Bloomberg report, when the price sank below $4,000 it became uneconomical to mine BTC everywhere except China

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5 year lockup for Polymath

  • The firm announced it would place 7.5% of their circulating tokens in a voluntary lockup for 5 years

  • The security token company said the $9m lockup demonstrates the health of their treasury and is a reflection that there is no need at this time for those tokens

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Latest Coin News



  • Price analysis

  • Ethereum co-founder raising $60m for blockchain

  • Vitalik Buterin and Justin Drake host a

    to talk about Ethereum 2.0


  • Price analysis

  • Threats to

    after report critical of XRP market cap is published

  • Ripple partners with Chinese university to offer


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