The cryptoasset world is no stranger to highly skilled hackers, and as threats multiply in frequency and sophistication, maintaining awareness of current security trends is more important than ever.

This is why we’re launching a series of Copper Security Webinars, with our first session taking place on the 15th of February. It will arm you with practical tactics to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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Speaker Lineup

Jake Rogers, CISO,

Keynote : Jake will give us best practices for staying ahead of the bad guys using zero trust, a methodology widely regarded as the strongest defence against the most sophisticated attacks, along with real world examples of its successes (and failures) and a broader look at some of the industry's most notable breaches from 2020. About Jake : With a background in pen-testing and cybersecurity, Jake brings strong credentials and exceptional experience to the team. Prior to Copper, Jake headed infosec at Amnesty International, where he oversaw 70 offices and 3500 people.

Chris Sedgewick, Director of Security Operations, Talion

Topic : Chris will take us inside the mind of a cyber attacker, detailing the common techniques used to identify, research, and initiate attacks; and how you can safeguard yourself and your organisation against them. About Chris : Chris is the Director of Security Operations for Talion and is responsible for the efficient running of their Security teams and the services they offer clients, ensuring that their coverage is threat relevant against the latest attack techniques. Prior to Talion, Chris led the Threat Intelligence team in the Security Operations Centre at BAE Systems AI for five years. With an extensive career in Police Intelligence both in the UK and in Bermuda, Chris is extremely well versed in the art of obtaining and utilising intelligence from the internet, both for the investigation of Organised Crime groups and the prevention of crime, but also for Cyber Threat actors and malware campaigns.

David Atkinson, Founder and CEO, Senseon

Topic : David will share his experiences redefining security approaches for the modern ear, focusing on a range of specialist capabilities for cyber operations and information security challenges at both the strategic and operational level for government, enterprises and specialist military units. About David: With over fifteen years experience working within the UK’s specialist military units and Government environments David has launched his own company focusing on redesigning security approaches for the modern era. He has developed a range of specialist capabilities for cyber operations and information security challenges at both the strategic and operational level for government, enterprises and specialist military units. Indicative of his operational and technical expertise David was responsible for the design and delivery of specialist military cyber operations courses and the development of innovative technology to support a range of challenging operational requirements.

Rob Moore, Head of Intelligence, Mitmark

Topic : Rob will give us an overview of recent fraud investigations and how open-source information has turned into actionable intelligence. Followed by practical tips to ensure you don’t become a target for fraudsters and hackers by keeping your personal communications secure. About Rob: Rob is the head of intelligence for MITMARK, a team comprised of former serving members of the British Army. Having spent just over 10 years in the Army as part of the Royal Signals, firstly with 16 Air Assault Brigade as a Para Signaller and then as a Special Forces Communicator in 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron, Rob provided tactical communication support to 22 SAS and served on numerous global counter terror operations, within the UK, Middle East and Africa. Prior to MITMARK, Rob provided specialist support to a variety of clients from multinational corporations to NGO’s. Which included technical security consultancy to prevent cyber and physical threats as well as heading up investigations on internal and external threats.

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