Looking back at last week’s biggest news, including price analyses for BTC, ETH, and XRP.

The fallout from Crypto’s black Thursday in March will surely be felt for some time, and there will be no shortage of analysis/speculation about the winners and losers in the meantime. So far it looks like a boon for savvy traders, and a bloodbath for some exchanges.

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Europe should move to cover regulatory 'blind spots' for crypto assets

  • A new EU parliament study on crypto assets has recommended that the EU should expand the scope of both cryptocurrency’s definition and the list of crypto-related entities subject to regulations

  • Researchers set out concerns that existing financial laws cannot be effectively applied to cryptocurrencies, and called for risk disclosures to be more clear for investors

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French regulator won’t clarify stance on cryptocurrency

  • France’s stock market regulator, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), declared that it’s too soon to give a precise classification for cryptocurrencies

  • At the same time, the regulator noted that a line must be drawn between cryptos as ‘financial instruments’ and ‘electronic money'

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Why a CBDC might be sitting in your wallet in 2020

  • A growing number of central banks are acknowledging the inherent benefits of digital assets, and are now taking concrete steps toward the issuance of a CBDC

  • According to a survey by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), 80% of central banks are exploring CBDCs at some level

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Latest Coin News


  • Price Analysis: BTC/USD eyes $6,000 after breaking this pennant pattern support.

  • Bitcoin’s next boom has already begun

  • $14M Bitcoin fund gets listed on Toronto Stock Exchange


  • Price analysis: Plunges from monthly high at $176 only to find support at $150

  • How Reddit’s new Ethereum feature could be huge for crypto adoption

  • Ethereum DeFi projects grew nearly 800% over the last year


  • Price Analysis: XRP/USD freefall to $0.1250 imminent

  • Bank of America execs confirm partnership with Ripple

  • Ripple executive says global payments shift underway in accelerated move to digital economy


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