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The bloodletting which began with the BCH hard fork 11 days ago seems to be continuing, with only a minor glimmer of hope in the last 24 hours that it might have actually bottomed out. But there have been some good news stories over the last week, too.

For starters, the blockchain subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange has won approval for a licence from the island’s regulator. This will allow it to operate as an institutional-grade token sale platform.

And DARPA, the (in)famous US Defense research lab, will host a two day workshop on blockchain tech in February. If DARPA is involved today, you can bet blockchain will be part of the future. They famously created google maps 30 years before google even existed!

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Latest Coin News

A nod in our direction

  • As the pace gathers for institutional investors entering this space, Custody takes a big leap forward

  • By combining exchange APIs with Custodial whitelists, funds have a very bright crypto future

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BTC mining tumbles

  • Since mid November, it’s estimated over 600k miners have dropped out, as overall hash rate declines by 13%

  • Rising energy costs around the world, coupled with the recent drop in prices, likely the culprits

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Pay your crypto tax with crypto

  • In a US first, the state of Ohio is set to allow corporations to pay their tax using BTC

  • If successful, the move could be extended to private citizens as well

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Latest coin news


  • Price analysis

  • $1,500 is on the cards as

    could extend to summer 2019

  • Though limping to recovery today, BTC saw

    since 2013



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