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It was a productive week for members of the blockchain community at theThe World Economic Forum’s annual gathering. From policy toolkits on CBDCs (see below), to the formation of a global consortium, and and Blockchain Bill of Rights, world leaders are now focusing on how technology can help transform everything from finance to democracy.

The team at Copper are also please to announce the company has been appointed by XinFin to provide custody and prime services for the XDCe protocol.

Below is our weekly roundup of industry and coin specific news. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of our products or services, we look forward to hearing from you. Just send us a note.

Latest Industry News


  • The intricacies of implementing CBDC are complex and the implications are wide‑reaching. As a result, policy‑makers may find themselves in uncharted waters when attempting to evaluate the potential benefits and trade‑offs associated with CBDC

  • CBDC could potentially be used as a tool to achieve policy objectives such as improved safety and resilience in payments systems; increased efficiency, access and competitiveness of payments systems; better data transmission and reporting to central banks; and financial inclusion

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  • An inverse ETP allows to earn a positive return when an underlying asset (in this case – bitcoin) falls, as it allows shorting

  • Amun said SBTC is reset at the end of each day and the performance is not rolled over to the next day, and therefore, it is “ideally suited to capture short term price movements of bitcoin for a short recommended period.”

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  • Since 2018 each application was dismissed for the same reason: concern over how the ETF would derive its price, whether this price could be manipulated, and if the listing exchange could adequately meet section 6(b)(5) of the Exchange Act

  • The OTC market can provide a much more accurate and secure measure of pricing for Bitcoin ETFs, one that is far more likely to satisfy regulators

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Latest Coin News


  • Price Analysis

  • Effect of 

     options on BTC price depends on halving

  • Alleged Bitcoin launderer Alexander 

     to France


  • Price Analysis

  • ETC 

     with Ethereum 2.0 shard is possible

  • Ether price drop slashed valuation of 

    ’s top 50 firms by 40%


  • Price Analysis

  • Ripple CEO hints 

     in the next 12 months

  • Ripple’s 

     declined by 80% in Q4


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