July was a busy month for regulators the world over. As the price of crypto went on its usual rollercoaster reaction ride to each bit of news, we bring you our monthly global round up. 



Financial Market Authority plans to regulate ICOs, cryptocurrencies as securities.  Read more.

European Union

Monetary policy study claims centralised cryptocurrencies will kill Bitcoin.  Read more.


‘Monsieur Bitcoin’ says no to cryptocurrency regulation.  Read more.

Treasury officials put forward three options for regulating ICOs.  Read more.


Federal Minister for Finance rejects central bank-issued cryptocurrency as coming with ‘incalculable risk’.  Read more.


Official cryptocurrency exchange opens to public trading.  Read more.

Gibraltar United become first football club to pay players in cryptocurrency.  Read more.


Jersey Financial Services Commission issues ‘minimum standards’ for ICOs.  Read more.


Country passes three linked bills to become ‘Blockchain Island’.  Read more.


Emergency ordinance drafted to regulate ‘electronic money’.  Read more.


Crypto miners and holders will be regulated under Internal Revenue Code; no new laws.  Read more.


Finance heads to loosen rules on cryptocurrency bank account access to compete with Malta, Singapore.  Read more.

Stock exchange parent company SIX announces launch of cryptoexchange.  Read more.


Cryptoassets, DLT firms push on to next round of FCA regulatory sandbox.  Read more.

Bank of England says RTGS payments system can use blockchain.  Read more.

UK Law Commission codifying how smart contracts will be used in law.  Read more.

The Americas


Premier David Burt pledges new laws on ICO transparency.  Read more.


Quebec agrees higher energy rates for Bitcoin mining firms.  Read more.


Chilean Appeals Court orders state bank to work with cryptoexchanges.  Read more.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica allows workers to be paid in cryptocurrency.  Read more.


Anti-crime taskforce to focus particular attention on cryptocurrencies.  Read more.

SEC turns down Winklevoss twins second application for Bitcoin ETF.  Read more.

Nasdaq ‘negotiating in secret’ to police, legitimise crypto.  Read more.

New Treasury Department fintech charters promise light touch regulation for blockchain firms.  Read more.

Coinbase exchange hires Chief Compliance Officer.  Read more.


President Maduro announces new Sovereign Bolivar currency pegged to Petro Cryptocurrency.  Read more.

Middle East & North Africa


Islamic scholars at central bank give Stellar coin stamp of approval.  Read more.


Central bank moving ahead with state-backed cryptocurrency to circumvent US sanctions.  Read more.


Deputy Governor of Bank of Israel positive on cryptocurrencies despite lack of regulation.  Read more.


Dr Habib Al Mulla suggests crypto regulation is ‘when’ not ‘if’ for UAE.  Read more.

Central Asia


President Mirziyoyev signs decree to licence trading, exchanges, blockchain.  Read more.

South Asia


Reserve Bank of India spells out cryptoexchange objections.  Read more.

September court date set for cryptocurrency regulation battle.  Read more.

Telengana State signs MOUs for government blockchain products.  Read more

East Asia & Pacific


Australian Tax Office extends obligations to crypto holders.  Read more.


Finance Minister hints at ‘leveraging’ blockchain without regulation.  Read more.


Securities commission urges updates on blockchain regulation.  Read more.

Nanjing city to spend $1.5bn on blockchain fund.  Read more.

Agricultural Bank of China issues first land mortgage on blockchain.  Read more.

Hong Kong

Central bank HKMA announces blockchain trading deal with seven banks.  Read more.


Japan’s Virtual Currency Exchange Association sets loss limits for crypto day traders.  Read more.


Shwe Bank launches blockchain remittance for migrant workers in Thailand.  Read more.

New Zealand

Central bank flirting with digital currency plan, head banker reveals.  Read more.


Central bank Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas approves two more cryptoexchanges.  Read more.

Cagayan Economic Zone Authority approves three cryptoexchanges to earn $3m.  Read more.


Government-owned tech firm launches cross-border blockchain trading network.  Read more.

South Korea

Financial regulator urges legislators to speed up crypto laws after Bithumb, Coinrail hacks.  Read more.


Securities and Exchange Commission rules digital token issuers must be registered under Thai law.  Read more.

Thai Bond Market Association announces it will use blockchain to cut issuance to two days.  Read more.


Central bank issues stop order on imported cryptocurrency mining hardware.  Read more.

State Securities Commission banking watchdog bans firms from trading in cryptocurrency.  Read more.


Antigua and Barbuda

Citizenship can be paid for in Bitcoin, rules commission.  Read more.

St Kitts and Nevis

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank warns public over ‘unathorised’ Bitcoin ATM.  Read more.



Parliament gives Treasury two-week deadline to decide if Bitcoin is legal tender.  Read more.

South Africa

Treasury proposes VAT exemption for Bitcoin trades.  Read more.


Ministry of Land and Natural Resources hires firm to work on blockchain land title registry.  Read more.


Reserve Bank Governor says central bank ‘ready to embrace blockchain’.  Read more.

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