Welcome to a very special edition of CopperCasts!

Those of you tuning into Bloomberg this past week might well have seen our shiny new TV commercial, starring actress Rebecca Ferguson. ‘The Unfair Advantage’ – filmed four months ago in Iceland and London – is both Rebecca and Copper’s first TV commercial.

To celebrate the launch of this campaign, we recently invited Rebecca to our London HQ as CopperCasts’ seventeenth guest to explore crypto through the lens of Hollywood.

Rebecca made her acting debut when she was 16 years old on a Swedish soap opera. The 2013 BBC series The White Queen followed, and her hugely-acclaimed performance as Elizabeth Woodville on the show led to her joining the Mission: Impossible franchise in 2015's Rogue Nation as former MI6 agent Ilsa Faust.

In this wide-ranging discussion with CopperCasts host, Tyler Kenyon, Rebecca reveals when she first heard about digital assets, her fascination with NFTs, crypto’s popularity surge among the film community (she's even witnessed pancakeswapping on movie sets), why better UX is paramount for crypto to reach full mainstream adoption, and of course - her role as Lady Jessica in Denis Villeneuve's new adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel, Dune.

The format of this episode is slightly different in that we don't have our usual Show & Tell element. On this occasion we have something better. Our joint TV commercial with Rebecca explains how Copper’s technology gives its clients the best tools on the market to trade and store digital assets. Specifically, the advert focuses on the benefits of ClearLoop™, a pioneering way to trade and settle assets off-exchange. Watch it here.

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