End-to-end secure custody

architecture for crypto assets

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HFM Awards 2019 - 2021 Best Digital Asset Custodian


Manage hot, warm, and cold segregated wallets by configuring offline, client-side and server-side shards for ultimate flexibility and security on every asset


Maintain easy management and complete control over your digital assets through the online Copper Platform

Get the best of both worlds enabled by

dual offline and online technologies

Security audited, certified, and insured MPC-protected custodial architecture for digital assets

Copper Unlimited

Co-sign and verify transactions completely offline. Unlimited allows you to co-sign transactions using MPC key shards. Now also available on mobile. Securely view transaction details, sign and create new vaults in a few taps.

Offline application
Mobile App
Copper Platform

Quickly and easily view balances, seamlessly move assets between trading accounts, exchanges and secure vault storage.

Online web platform

Secure multi-party computation

wallet creation

The ultimate protection for institutions

  • 1
    Shards securely generated

    Key shards are formed simultaneously and in isolation using multi-party computation in a secure environment

  • 2
    Zero-knowledge proof

    Co-sign transactions remotely without risk of private key exposure, because there is no longer a private key

  • 3
    Max security & control

    Configure your vaults with on & offline shards to get ultimate security and control of your digital assets

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Best Custodian 2022: Hedgeweek European Digital Assets Awards

Join the pioneering firms already

using Copper infrastructure

“Copper provides an unmatched institutional-grade product with respect to the management of digital assets. We are delighted to be working with them as they continue to pave the way towards real institutional adoption within the blockchain sector as a whole”
— Eric Chen, CEO, Injective Protocol
“Copper is a flexible, easy to use, enterprise-grade custody provider that is constantly innovating to match the needs of both secure custody and being able to rapidly act in the market when needed. They have been, and continue to be, a fantastic partner”
— Piers Ridyard, CEO, Radix DLT
“With an increasing number of assets being launched on Algorand’s blockchain in recent months, it is vital for us to partner with trustworthy organizations like Copper to add custody for any form of assets created and managed by Algorand’s community. We are excited to expand the Algorand ecosystem with Copper, which brings secure custody solutions that are tried and tested across 250 digital assets and more than 40 exchanges.”
— W Sean Ford, COO Algorand

Everything you need to prosper in a rapidly evolving market

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HFM Awards 2019 - 2021

Best Digital Asset Custodian

Award winning secure digital asset custody with MPC hot, warm & cold wallets
Audited, certified & insured
Stake with assets held in Copper’s Custody
Assign proxy addresses for every client
Permission based logins for increased governance
Move assets securely between multiple exchanges
Capital Introductions available
eOTC Trading & rapid RFQs
OTC Settlement & Derivatives Collateral Management
Zero confirmation movements

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