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Stake seamlessly and securely on the Copper platform.

Easy access to staking pools across 9 different assets.

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Highest level of rewards

Through constant optimisation, Copper is able to ensure that Copper Staking nodes aim to deliver reward rates close to the network’s theoretical maximum


Your assets remain in MPC secured vaults

Staked funds remain in Copper’s secure MPC vaults. Any movement of staked assets is subject to Copper’s strongest security requirements


Simple means more secure

The risky and complex process of searching for the appropriate staking pool, copying the addresses, etc. is required no more


Confident compliance

Usage of Copper staking nodes is designed specifically for Copper clients, each taken through Copper’s rigorous KYC and subject to strict AML controls

Transparent, safe and secure solution - Staking page

Protected from slashing

Limited protection against slashing as the base with the option to upgrade to full cover is available.

Slashing is a penalty that may be applied by the network in the event the node “misbehaves”. In such circumstance the client may be forced to forfeit a % of assets due to validator node’s “misbehaviour”. Depending on the transgression, the fine can be substantial.

Copper’s white glove service

Copper’s unrivalled 24/7 support is available on any queries or issues that might arise during the staking process.

Transparent solution

See the projected rewards upfront when choosing your staking node. Funds staked via Copper Staking will always remain visible on the interface and can be automatically reported to the clients and their administrators.

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Copper staking

Stake seamlessly and securely across the Copper network.

Frequently asked questions

Staking refers to the ability to put tokens to work — verifying transactions and earning a reward in the process. Staking gives you the potential to make a passive return while improving the security of the blockchain network you're invested in.

The stake option is available to all clients by default on Copper Platform. Simply:

• Hold balance in the asset you want to stake.

• Choose the 'Stake' option on the Copper dashboard.

• Select the amount that you want to stake.

• Sign the staking transaction with the help of your account manager.

Staking returns are a projection based on historically received rewards ('Staking Rewards Rate') from the applicable protocol. This rate is set by the applicable blockchain, and is neither controlled, influenced, nor determined by Copper and will change dynamically. Each blockchain sets its underlying rewards rate depending on various factors.

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