Treasury Management

Manage your Copper and exchange accounts from one platform.

Oversee your asset holdings and streamline middle-office workflows using our automated capabilities.
Treasury management platform preview

Treasury Management

Manage your portfolios effortlessly through Copper.

Conduct every-day treasury operations with a unified view of your Copper and exchange accounts. Settle transactions with counterparties, securely transfer assets between exchange and Copper accounts, stake, and interact with DeFi protocols from one place.

A comprehensive view of your positions.

Policy engine - enhanced control over your operations.


Easy access to transaction reports.

Build customisable reports from the Copper Platform or our Reporting API.

Simplify your auditing and control process, providing operations teams with easy access to detailed transaction reports.

Oversee live collateral and settlement on the ClearLoop network.
Monitor the total reserves of the exchanges’ collateral accounts and your exposure, review the exchanges’ settlement cycle history and track API connection failures, margin calls, and exchanges’ response times.

Full visibility of your operations.

Treasury management reporting preview

automated treasury tools

Optimise your treasury operations.

Streamline your treasury operations with real-time bulk transaction uploads. Perform multiple transactions in real-time through our API or by uploading a .csv to the Copper Platform.

Create top-up rules, set balance limits on exchanges, and enable auto-rebalancing for any account to consistently maintain an appropriate level of funding in your accounts to manage risk and exposure.

With just one click, transfer all assets out of an exchange. This feature offers an efficient way to swiftly withdraw funds during potential exchange service disruptions or to simplify your daily operations.

Frictionless middle-office workflows.

automated treasury tools

walled garden

Securely transfer assets across multiple accounts.

By implementing whitelisted address controls, Copper clients can establish a secure, permissioned environment for asset movement. Only users with the appropriate permission levels can transfer funds between whitelisted accounts, ensuring that funds are never moved to an unauthorised address.

Securely transfer to, from and between exchange accounts. Copper custody is integrated with leading exchanges facilitating seamless and secure transfers from our platform.


top-tier exchanges

walled garden for treasury transaction preview

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Alan Howard

Alan Howard

Co-Founder, Brevan Howard

Alan Howard

Copper's pioneering technology, particularly in the security and speed of cryptocurrency transactions, is essential for the traditional world to offer crypto products to their clients. This positions them as a dominant player for digital asset infrastructure.

Hany Rashwan

Hany Rashwan

Co-Founder and CEO, 21Shares

Hany Rashwan

Safeguarding our digital assets in Copper’s award-winning custody architecture provides us with the best security available on the market. With this foundation in place, we can build more secure ETPs for our clients.

Alessandro Balata

Alessandro Balata

Partner, Fasanara

Alessandro Balata

We’re now able to access greater amounts of liquidity across a growing number of exchanges that are joining Copper’s ClearLoop network. ClearLoop has become a critical component in helping institutional investors mitigate exchange counterparty risk.

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