Mitigate counterparty risk.

Trade freely on centralised exchanges without moving your assets from Copper's secure MPC custody.
ClearLoop Platform view

The market's first off-exchange settlement solution.

Increase capital efficiency.

Assets can be delegated instantly to any supported exchange from a single pool of collateral.

Reduce network fees.
Reduce network fees.

Trades are settled on Copper’s infrastructure, not on a blockchain level, meaning no deposit, transfer, or withdrawal network fees.

Optimise operational workflows.
Optimise operational workflows.

Eliminate the operational risks associated with transferring funds to and from exchanges.

Access centralised exchange liquidity through ClearLoop.


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Mitigate counterparty and insolvency risk.

Off-exchange settlement.
Off-exchange settlement.

Settlements occur between the client and the exchange on the Copper infrastructure, so funds never leave Copper’s custody.

Bankruptcy remote.
Bankruptcy remote.

To mitigate your insolvency risk against Copper, we have established a dedicated account structure for ClearLoop protected by an English Law Trust.

Collateral monitoring.
Collateral monitoring.

Copper's risk team ensures that sufficient collateral is maintained by the exchange at Copper to satisfy settlement obligations arising from client trading activity.

Your collateral cryptographically and legally protected.

The market standard to trade securely on exchanges.

ClearLoop’s Trust structure.

ClearLoop trust structure

*Please note that the Trust Structure and its related collateral arrangements do not currently apply to Bitfinex.

Trust and collateral agreement.
Trust and collateral agreement.

Copper established a trust over client-delegated assets and exchange margins, governed by a collateral agreement.

Copper as trustee and custodian.
Copper as trustee and custodian.

Copper is appointed as the trustee, holding the funds on behalf of the beneficiaries (exchanges and Copper clients).

Insolvency protection.
Insolvency protection.

The trust provides protection against the insolvency of Copper, and the collateral agreements provide protection for clients against an exchange insolvency and exchanges against a client insolvency.

The first multi-custodial off-exchange settlement network.

With the integration of prime brokers and third-party custodians, we've built the largest and most comprehensive off-exchange settlement network in the market.

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Instant asset delegation.

funds become available instantly on the selected exchange, providing immediate access to the market.

With ClearLoop, funds become available instantly on the selected exchange, providing immediate access to the market.

Copper's intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to delegate and undelegate assets to exchanges, in just two clicks.
Easy to use

Copper's intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to delegate and undelegate assets to exchanges, in just two clicks.

Instant delegation of funds
API connectivity

Copper's full-API connectivity empowers clients to streamline their trading workflow by instantly delegating, undelegating, and obtaining the account balance information.

ClearLoop Delegation funds view

ClearLoop in the media.

Trusted by the best

In partnership with pioneering institutions.

Alessandro Balata

Alessandro Balata

Partner at Fasanara Capital

Alessandro Balata

We’re now able to access greater amounts of liquidity across a growing number of exchanges that are joining Copper’s ClearLoop network. We have tremendous flexibility to move and manage our assets all while remaining within Copper’s secure custody. ClearLoop has become a critical component in helping institutional investors mitigate exchange counterparty risk.

Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson

Global Head of Exchanges at GSR

Josh Gibson

The ClearLoop solution is an example of maturing crypto market infrastructure that addresses issues of counterparty risk and improves operational efficiency. We are excited to see these continued developments as more institutional players enter the digital asset space.

Guy Young

Guy Young


Guy Young

For a protocol like Ethena, partnering with a custody provider like Copper enables us to scale into the billions via centralised liquidity, while keeping our assets off centralised exchanges.

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