Automate your clients' deposits with Copper's proxy wallet infrastructure.

Create unlimited proxy wallets and streamline your clients' digital asset deposits under Copper's secure ecosystem.
Wallet as a service infrastructure

How does Copper’s Wallets-as-Service work?

  1. Generate unlimited proxy wallets across 40+ supported blockchains.
  2. Allocate addresses to each of your clients for streamlined fund tracking
  3. Upon receiving a deposit at an address, funds are automatically transferred to your secure custody vault.
  4. The Fees Wallet covers the gas fees for the transactions
    to your vault account.

supported chains

Copper wallets graph

Wallet management and client interactions.

Create unlimited accounts across all supported assets, accommodating an endless number of deposits.

Offer a seamless deposit experience for your users; they can preview transaction details, verify addresses, and check fees and required funds before initiating transfers.

Streamline wallet management by automatically identifying and tracking your clients’ crypto deposits.

Simplify client withdrawals using Copper's Hot Wallets, guaranteeing fast and secure fund transfers to your clients' accounts.

Streamline your clients’ deposits operations.

wallet management

Efficiency and optimisation.

Monitor and manage gas fees between the proxy addresses and your primary Copper account using a centralised gas fee account.

Enhance the deposit management process by consolidating unsuccessful minor incoming transactions into larger ones, ensuring funds don't remain stagnant. Powered by Copper’s Dust Collector.

Gas fee management, simplified.

Wallets Efficiency and optimisation

Notifications and reporting.

Configure webhook notifications triggered by a specific event, such as incoming transactions, from Copper Platform or our API.

Track and categorise deposits, withdrawals, and gas-fee transactions leveraging Copper's reporting capabilities.

Real-time information.

WAAS reporting view

Create unlimited accounts on 40+ blockchains

Show all supported blockchains

Trusted by the best

In partnership with pioneering institutions.

Alan Howard

Alan Howard

Co-Founder, Brevan Howard

Alan Howard

Copper's pioneering technology, particularly in the security and speed of cryptocurrency transactions, is essential for the traditional world to offer crypto products to their clients. This positions them as a dominant player for digital asset infrastructure.

Hany Rashwan

Hany Rashwan

Co-Founder and CEO, 21Shares

Hany Rashwan

Safeguarding our digital assets in Copper’s award-winning custody architecture provides us with the best security available on the market. With this foundation in place, we can build more secure ETPs for our clients.

Alessandro Balata

Alessandro Balata

Partner, Fasanara

Alessandro Balata

We’re now able to access greater amounts of liquidity across a growing number of exchanges that are joining Copper’s ClearLoop network. ClearLoop has become a critical component in helping institutional investors mitigate exchange counterparty risk.

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