End-to-end secure custody
architecture for crypto assets

Rectangle CopyHFM Awards 2019 Best Digital Asset Custodian

  • Secure offline vault storage
  • Seamless trading & withdrawals
  • Co-sign & verify transactions offline
  • Insured against theft and hacking

Security & control combined
without compromise

Client segregated cold storage combined with live trading accounts provide
complete control over the custody and transmission of digital assets


Maintain easy management and complete control over your digital assets through the online Copper Platform


Store assets in your offline vault and get peace of mind knowing your funds are secured by industry leading practices

Get the best of both worlds enabled by
dual offline and online technologies

Copper Unlimited

Co-sign and verify transactions completely offline. Unlimited creates secure distributed storage for any digital asset in the Vault.

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Offline application
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Copper Platform

Quickly and easily view balances, seamlessly move assets between trading accounts, exchanges and secure vault storage.

Online application
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No single point of failure

Proprietary tech enables multi-signature security regardless of whether the blockchain natively supports it.

Serverless keys

Zero servers means zero network threats, which have compromised other storage solutions.

Optical air-gapping for offline security

Distributed keys sign and verify transactions through a military-grade optical air-gapping system using encrypted QR codes.

Connect to leading exchanges

Connect with 3rd party exchanges to deploy capital across multiple execution venues whilst maintaining independent custody.

Multi-sig support on 100+ digital assets

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    Trusted by pioneering funds

    “The first independent end-to-end custody solution for funds that trade on multiple exchanges.”

    — Michael Hall, Nickel Asset Management


    Secure client-side cryptocurrency custody with complete control

    • Insured against theft and hacking
    • 2FA Secured accounts through Copper Platform
    • Blockchain agnostic multi-sig
    • Copper never in sole-control of assets
    • Offline / Cold wallet creation
    • Transactions verified and signed offline
    • Full reporting through the Copper Platform
    • Dedicated Account Manager
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