London, 27 January 2020 – London based institutional custody & prime services firm,, today announce support to the trade finance focused blockchain network XinFin

Their bespoke digital custody solution facilitates XinFin and TradeFinex’s institutional and crypto hedge fund customers to store the digital asset token XDCe. provides support for XDCe across its institutional hot and cold wallet solutions. pioneered multi-signature security for a wide range of digital assets in 2018. All digital assets supported by are integrated using the company’s single API so no additional coding is required for clients to add XDCe.

The firm’s walled garden now covers 96% of global crypto liquidity and is seeing over £500 million in transactions each month – with that figure growing steadily.

Ritesh Kakkad, Co-founder at XinFin and TradeFinex, added: “In 2020, appropriate custody services are the most critical element for institutional adoption of digital assets. With Copper’s custodial services now available for XDCe, regulated institutions like banks, crypto hedge funds and financial entities will have a secure solution to store their digitised XDCe holdings. Copper is also planning to provide support for XinFin’s primary chain coin XDC in the near future.”

Dmitry Tokarev, CEO of, commented: “The XinFin Network is one of the most enterprise friendly blockchain networks ever created, and we’re proud they have chosen Copper for their institutional digital asset custody.

“Institutions need a lot more than an app with pretty charts. They need proper security, which includes technology, insurance, people, and business processes – as well as exceptional client service. We’re proud to have earned XinFin’s trust and their business.”


Copper designs & develops the award winning infrastructure which enables institutions to acquire, store, and trade digital assets in a manner which satisfies global investors and regulatory standards. Its multi-signature safeguarding application allows institutions to have complete certainty that their capital is not at risk of theft, whether it be from hackers or bad players in the industry. Copper is also one of the few digital asset custody solutions to be insured against crime, including theft of fiat or digital assets – with a comprehensive policy brokered by Aon in London.

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XinFin is an open-source enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance. Use, A P2P Network for Trade Finance Originators, to Distribute Trade Assets to the Growing Class of Alternative Asset Investors. The Trade Finance Market is expected to reach 71 billion USD by the end of 2024.

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