Copper, a leading digital asset infrastructure provider, is proud to announce it has officially integrated custody support for Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol's new asset, the Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC). This strategic partnership showcases Copper's continued commitment to providing secure and reliable custody services for innovative blockchain projects and protocols and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) financially incentivises bitcoin miners to use verified clean energy sources and for the first time allows institutional investors to reach their ESG goals while owning Bitcoin. SBP has achieved this through the SBC, a new environmental commodity that can be paired with an investor’s bitcoin holdings, thereby enabling auditable sustainability claims without compromising the fungibility of bitcoin. As part of this collaboration, Copper clients can now custody the SBC, an ERC20 token, on the Copper platform as a supplementary asset alongside their Bitcoin holdings. Unlike traditional carbon credits or RECs, which are retired after use, each Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate is an asset that permanently embodies the sustainability of a Bitcoin. This advancement transforms sustainability from a sunk cost into an impactful asset that can potentially add alpha while diversifying Bitcoin portfolios. Given the growing array of institutional-grade Bitcoin products and funds, the SBC offers a distinct advantage: it can appreciate over time and be divested to other investors when rebalancing a portfolio weighting.

"We are thrilled to be working with the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol. Their mission aligns perfectly with our dedication to providing a secure and transparent environment for digital assets," said Dmitry Tokarev, CEO of "We're proud to promote sustainability within the Bitcoin ecosystem while offering clients additional avenues to expand their ESG investments.”

Bradford van Voorhees, CEO of Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol, expressed his excitement for the partnership: "'s reputation as a leading custodian in the digital asset space makes them the ideal partner for SBP. Their commitment to security will allow us to focus on our mission of fostering sustainability in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Together, institutional investors can now securely and sustainably custody their Bitcoin. We look forward to a fruitful and long-lasting partnership with"

As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve and grow, remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions and services tailored to the unique needs of blockchain projects, crypto exchanges, and institutional investors. The partnership with Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol further reinforces's commitment to supporting projects that align with its vision for a more sustainable and responsible digital asset space.


Since being founded in 2018, Copper, a SOC2 Type 2 certified company with a registration in Switzerland, has been setting the standard for digital assets by offering custody and collateral management of digital assets. Underpinned by multi-award-winning technology, Copper has built the comprehensive and secure products and services required to safely custody and trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets such as tokens and stablecoins. At the core of Copper’s infrastructure is ClearLoop, which enables clients to trade and settle in near real time across multiple exchanges, while mitigating counterparty risk and increasing capital efficiency. 

About Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) is committed to unlocking Bitcoin's potential as a sustainable and transparent asset class while accelerating investment in renewable energy. SBP incentivizes miners to verify their use of renewable and clean energy sources and issues them Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates (SBC). These certificates can be sold to investors, creating a transparency layer in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. SBP's investors include BitDeer, Hawksburn Capital, New Layer Capital, BlackPine, Verda Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, and highly regarded angels from traditional finance and digital assets. To learn more about SBP or become a partner, visit their website.

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