The war in Ukraine is inexcusable.

Four years ago I founded a UK-headquartered company, which now has a team of over 200 people representing more than 50 nationalities, spread over three continents, supporting 400 global clients.

Today we are all united by one sentiment: this war is abhorrent. Many of us have brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, friends, relatives, or colleagues, who are directly impacted by this terrible situation.

We are providing support on the ground working with our security and ecosystem partners as part of a massive humanitarian relief effort, and we will continue this effort until the people of Ukraine are back on their feet.

In some people’s minds, digital assets are associated only as a borderless method of transferring value, which could then be used to evade sanctions. As a company, we continue to monitor sanctions to ensure we do not provide any products or services to any sanctioned individual or corporate entity.

Copper and Copper’s infrastructure were designed so that it cannot be used to circumvent KYC/AML requirements. And for the avoidance of doubt, we are vigilant against any attempted misuse. We do not just follow the letter of the law on this, but the spirit of the law.

Our vision for the application of DLTs in financial services has always been to enhance both efficiency and transparency. We remain committed to this with a laser focus.

On a personal note, as a dual national, I am against this war with every fibre of my being. I’m proud of where I come from, and I am proud to call myself British. But I need everyone to recognise those of us who were born in Russia feel collectively deeply-ashamed of what’s happening. The Russian government does not speak for every Russian. They do not even speak for the majority of them.

Here in the UK, we are proud to be a British business, employing hundreds of people from dozens of different countries, all working together to create infrastructure for a better world - and rejecting emphatically the outdated and abhorrent solutions of the 20th century, like making war on a neighbour.


Dmitry Tokarev, CEO,

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