With staking continuing to gain momentum within the crypto ecosystem, we recently sat down with Jesper Johansen, founder and CEO of Northstake.

Founded in 2021, Northstake is a Nordic staking provider that has registered its activity with the Danish FSA. Northstake operates dedicated validator node infrastructure that allows investors to earn rewards through network participation, without having to run their own infrastructure 24/7.

In this conversation with host Tyler, Jesper discusses the formation of his company, Northstake's relationship with Concordium, the thriving Danish crypto ecosystem and why post-Merge, staking yields will likely drive strong institutional ETH adoption.

For his Show & Tell, Jesper provides an overview of the rapidly growing staking ecosystem – showing that between Oct '19 to '21, the PoS market cap ballooned from $9bn to a staggering $339bn.

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