Our conversation in this episode is with Tania Reif, founder and CIO of the crypto investment fund, Senda Digital Assets.

Tania has a deep understanding of macro markets having built a distinguished career at some of the world’s best known macro hedge funds, including Soros Fund Management, Laurion Capital, Citadel and Alphadyne Asset Management.

Hailing from Venezuela, she saw first-hand one of the most severe cases of hyperinflation in modern history before moving to NYC to earn a PhD from Columbia University – writing her dissertation on currency crises.

In this discussion, which was recorded end-July (a time the crypto community was reeling from the collapse of Terra-Luna), Tania digs into her concerns of lax risk management practises in the crypto space and the importance of having a detailed understanding of where exactly yield comes from.

Everything Tania discusses in this conversation still rings true today, post-FTX collapse.

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Don’t forget to watch Tania's Show & Tell on our Youtube. Here, she discusses the drawdown in the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto index and what this means for the crypto asset class.

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