For the third episode of our new series, Coppercasts, we’re joined by Jeff Hancock, an IT security guru and creator of one of the UK's earliest exchanges.

Jeff built a foundational knowledge of IT infrastructure working in the Australian gaming industry. But his interests were more diverse than that and fast forward a decade he found himself in the position to start a retail-focussed crypto exchange here in the UK. One that is centred on great UI and fantastic customer support.

CopperCasts are split into two parts. The first is a short (2min) video in which our guest shares with us something they find unusual or inspiring about the digital asset space. The second half is a traditional audio-only podcast, which you can stream at the bottom of this page, or search for it in iTunes.

In his Show & Tell segment, Jeff explores the investing strategy of dollar (or £) cost averaging. He compares the results of this concept over a ten year period for both BTC and the FTSE100.

In our longer conversation, we get into all the nitty gritty of what it's like trying to launch a new business in the UK as an immigrant, and how these problems are compounded when you add in the complexity of digital assets.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter, and if you use THIS LINK to create an account at Coinpass they will give you an extra £10 when you deposit your first hundred.

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