Episode 32 of CopperCasts welcomes Morgan Stanley Managing Director-turned-startup-founder, Kyle Downey.

Downey launched the digital asset risk management firm Cloudwall in late 2021 shortly after calling time on his 17 year career at Morgan Stanley, where he was a managing director in the bank’s automated risk trading department.

Based out of NYC and Singapore, Cloudwall is building an industry-leading set of digital asset risk management tools and metrics for institutional investors. The firm’s flagship product, Serenity, will help investors to understand market, liquidity, credit, operational and other risks both at the level of individual assets and whole sectors.

In this conversation, Kyle describes what prompted his interest in digital assets, Cloudwall’s founding story and the challenges the platform is striving to solve. He also discusses the different types of risk in crypto – counterparty, regulatory, stablecoin, smart contract etc – and how institutional investors should be evaluating and assessing these risks.

Don’t forget to check out Kyle’s Show & Tell segment on our YouTube channel for his succinct explanation on the risks, benefits and trade-offs of different models of stablecoins (fiat-collaterised, crypto-collaterised and algo-stablecoins).

Note: This episode was recorded on 24 April 2022.

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