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Healthy markets and a healthy number of new stories to get through this morning. None bigger than the waves Facebook is making with their imminent stable coin. RBC Capital Markets have even been communicating with their investors about its potential for new streams or revenue. They're now targeting Facebook shares at $250, a 38% increase on today.

Still with eyes on the U.S., Binance has announced it’s cutting all American users out of its exchange operations, but will launch Binance US very soon. It’s not clear if the two exchanges will share an order book. At the same time they are performing final tests ahead of margin trading going live. A good idea considering the recent Poloniex debacle.

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Latest Industry News

Facebook’s Libra Association revealed

  • Ahead of the June 18 white paper, marketing material has revealed the first group of companies that will be running a Facebook Libra node

  • At a cost of $10m each, Facebook could raise a substantial sum if they meet the 100 organisation target for the Libra governing body

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FATF preparing heavy hand

  • The inter-governmental association (Financial Action Task Force) is set to impose the same standards for blockchain transactions as wire transfers

  • Notably, the ‘travel rule’ would require including who from and who to in the payment details. Somewhat antithetical to many digital assets, to say the least

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More TON details emerge

  • Poignant timing with FB so close to launching. The TON ecosystem will centre on privacy and is expected to release in Q3 2019

  • Estimates are now circulating that Grams will be valued between $2.10-$8.00, and that 200m have been locked up for devs and 500m scheduled for incentives

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Latest Coin News


  • Price analysis

  • Bakkt sets July 22nd as date for testing

    physical delivery

  • Jack Dorsey’s

    payments blockchain team and bitcoin core


  • Price analysis

  • Lubin comments on

    to-date, and the future of PoS

  • A browser extension to enable

    is in development


  • Price analysis

  • Garlinghouse claims

    in new clients due to XRP tech lowering fees

  • Interview with

    about engaging with regulators

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