Coronavirus dominates, South Korea & Zimbabwe clarify, India crypto banking ban overturned, Bitcoin safe haven tested amid stock market crash and Fed proves us right with unlimited QE.

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Bank for International Settlements analyses tokenisation, future of payments, CBDCs. More →

Halting $9.8bn cryptocurrency theft key to industry growth, says KPMG. More → 

Steem in uproar as exchanges back soft fork reversal. More →

98% of Bitcoin mining machines will never produce a block, PwC analysis says. More →

There are now over 7,000 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. More →

Chainalysis: Only 1% of $1trn crypto transacted in 2019 was illicit.  More →

BzX issue mea culpa over $1m DEX hack failure. More →

Study: 97% of traditional finance firms ready to enter digital asset trading. More →

Bitcoin showing record correlation to equities: is safe haven over? More →

Cryptocurrency aid programs launched to battle coronavirus pandemic. More →

Banking regulators push back Basel III for 12 months amid coronavirus. More →

World Health Organisation launches MiPasa blockchain to fight coronavirus. More →

CBDCs could cause friction with commercial banks, SEB chief strategist says.  More →



Clearing houses give mixed reactions to EU crypto regulations. More →


French court rules Bitcoin is fungible intangible asset akin to money. More →

BaFin regulator further clarifies cryptocurrency status in new paper. More →

BaFin shuts down illicit Bitcoin ATMs. More →


Germany recognises Bitcoin as a legal financial instrument. More →

40 German banks declare interest to offer crypto services, BaFIN says. More →

New cryptobanking laws attracting biggest institutional investors, says Borse Stuttgart. More → 


Auction house to sell off €110,000 in BTC seized by Belgian government. More →


Banco Sella launches Bitcoin trading to 1.2m customers. More →


Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Credit Suisse join FundsDLT Series A. More →


Malta financial regulator warns against two unlicensed exchanges.  More →

University of Malta students vote remotely using Vodafone blockchain platform. More →


Opera browser expands crypto buying feature to 27 EU countries. More →


Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than a British household in two months, PwC report finds.  More →

Lloyds of London Atrium syndicate launches £100,000 insurance policy against Bitcoin hacks. More → 

FCA says Kraken exchange not allowed to operate in UK. More →

New Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey deeply suspicious Libra is asset-backed. More → 

FCA: BitMEX not authorised in UK. More → 

FCA retracts Kraken warning, BitMEX caution stays up. More → 

Andrew Bailey says Bitcoin holders should ‘be prepared to lose all your money’. More →

GCEX cryptocurrency broker wins £350,000 government grant to expand into Scotland. More →

Post-Brexit UK-US trade negotiations put blockchain first. More → 

BoE discussion paper considers CBDC opportunity. More → 

Counties warn on exploding coronavirus crypto extortion scams. More → 

Bitstamp explores support for 7 more cryptocurrencies. More → 


Ukraine classifies crypto as intangible asset. More → 

National anti-corruption agency asks citizens to declare cryptocurrency for tax. More →


Binance adds P2P trading with five new pairs Brazilian Real, Argentine Peso, Colombian Peso, Mexican Peso, Peruvian Sol. More →


Natural gas regulator to expand blockchain tracking to whole country. More →


XDEX exchange run by country’s largest broker shuts citing regulatory uncertainty. More → 


Tax authority files suit to get QuadrigaCX victims to pay crypto taxes.  More →

Manitoba securities regulator warns over more crypto scams. More →


Santander bank adds Ripple blockchain settlement in Mexico. More →

United States

Hyperledger adds eight new members including Walmart. More → 

US charges Chinese nationals linked to notorious North Korea Lazarus hacking group with $100m crypto laundering. More →

Federal Reserve makes emergency 0.5% interest rate cut to quell coronavirus market panic.  More →

EY and Consensus announce enterprise-focused Baseline Protocol based on Ethereum. More →

Facebook bows to regulatory pressure with Libra redesign. More → 

US dollar has most to lose in war of CBDCs, says ING economist. More → 

New York natural gas plant makes $50k a day mining Bitcoin. More →

BitGo custodian reveals $150m crypto lending to institutions. More →

Exchange software provider AlphaPoint raises $5.6m. More → 

Morningstar rates Ethereum securities for first time.  More → 

Robinhood app suffers second major failure as markets whipsaw. More → 

Arizona congressman’s Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 to decide which federal regulators are responsible. More → 

Judge throws out Craig Wright’s latest excuse. More → 

Celo launches Libra Association rival with 50 partners including Coinbase, Andressen Horowitz. More → 

Rhode Island Economic Growth Blockchain Act seeks regulatory clarity for cryptocurrency. More → 

Second Federal Reserve emergency interest rate cut in wake of coronavirus drops benchmark range by 1%. More →

Illinois State proposes seizing unclaimed cryptocurrency after 5 years. More →

Coinbase chief legal officer joins US Treasury department. More → 

Nvidia shareholder lawsuit over crypto sales lacking, judge rules. More →

Bakkt raises $300m Series B for consumer market push: More →

Craig Wright ordered to pay $165k legal fees in Kleiman suit. More →

Two Canadian nationals get two-year sentence for HitBTC scam. More →

Sparkswap DEX closes citing lack of users. More →

Crypto-friendly Square wins FDIC permission to become a bank. More →

Poloniex moves to compensate ‘flash crash’ uncovered margin victims. More →

Ex-Mt Gox CEO asks court to throw out final liability judgement over bankruptcy. More →

Crypto market infrastructure creaks in face of volatility test. More →

Hawaii launches regulatory sandbox for digital asset companies. More →

Ex-Bakkt CEO accused of insider trading ahead of stock market crash. More →

Former Washington Senator caught up in ICO scam.  More →

US extends crypto tax reporting deadline from April to June 15. More →

Tezos Foundation settles in $25m class-action lawsuit over ICO. More → 

Digital Dollar project names 22-strong advisory group. More → 

Michigan Democrat asks US Treasury to mint two $1trn coins with no debt. More → 

Unlimited QE: Third emergency Federal Reserve move in March will buy Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. More →

Texas regulator warns of higher crypto scams in coronavirus outbreak. More →

Digital dollar CBDC plans shelved in coronavirus fightback. More → 

Mt Gox creditors can choose whether to be paid back in fiat or Bitcoin. More → 

Brave adds Binance trading direct in browser. More → 

SEC wins key injunction against Telegram in GRAM ICO case. More →

Coinbase Wallet integrates DeFi directly in-app. More → 

Telegram files appeal against SEC GRAM injunction.  More →

Ex-CFTC chief will release digital dollar whitepaper by June. More → 

5 major stablecoins say they will keep 1:1 dollar peg even as rates turn negative. More → 

Coinbase, Fidelity back $6m Series A for CoinMetrics. More →

Fed printing $1m every second to set record $5.25trn balance sheet. More →

Bitwise seeks OTC listing for crypto index fund. More → 

Coinbase payments arm passes $200m in transactions. More →

Telegram seeks exemption of GRAM injunction for non-US users. More →

Microsoft files patent for cryptomining system using human activity data. More →

Ex-CFTC chair: Coronavirus crisis highlights use case for digital dollar CBDC. More →

Telegram pushes back harder against SEC ICO block. More →

Law is coming for Bitcoin, warns Craig Wright. More →


US charges head of Petro cryptocurrency with fraud, indicts President Maduro for narco-terrorism. More →

DASH makes gains after Maduro indictment. More →

Middle East & North Africa


42 million records exposed in unofficial Telegram third-party app hack.  More →


Country’s oldest exchange Bit2C sues wallet firm for 40BTC fraud. More →


Bitrump launches white-label services as market expands. More →


South Asia


Supreme Court strikes down RBI cryptocurrency banking ban. More → 

Cryptocurrency banking ban deemed ‘disproportionate’ by Supreme Court. More →

RBI to appeal over Supreme Court crypto banking ban decision. More →

Crypto private equity investments surge after Supreme Court decision. More →

Cryptocurrency lawyers ask RBI to direct banks to allow transactions: transactions. More →

Binance creates $50m incubator fund with WazirX subsidiary. More →

Government inspects crypto firms for fraud over not revealing balance sheets. More →

Government talking to RBI over possible cryptocurrency legislation. More →

Buyucoin exchange wins Estonian license. More →


East Asia & Pacific


Tax office issues warning to crypto investors in crackdown. More →

ASX exchange postpones blockchain settlement indefinitely. More →


Mining giant Canaan hit with class action lawsuit over $90m IPO.  More →

People’s Bank of China issues bot Bitcoin trade warning. More →

People’s Bank of China completes CBDC basic functions, drafting laws for use.  More → 

CBDC research delayed from Q1 2020 by coronavirus pandemic.  More →

Hong Kong

Custody firm First Digital Trust scores $3m investment from Taiwan VCs.  More →


Commodities regulator gives Zipmex exchange green light. More → 

Crypto payment firm Pundi X wins Singapore license reprieve. More → 


Coinbase joins JVCEA self-regulatory organisation. More →

Rakuten wallet rolls out crypto margin trading.  More →

FSA securities regulator launches blockchain governance initiative. More → 

EY Japan using blockchain to fight counterfeits in $10bn-a-year sake industry. More →

OKCoin gains Japanese exchange license. More →

New Zealand

Trade99 is crypto scam, markets regulator warns. More → 


Bitmain-backed Matrixport seeks $40m funding for $300m valuation. More →

Bank-backed Contour trade finance blockchain keeps money moving in coronavirus-hit market, report says. More →

Coinpip payment service shuts as Singapore brings crypti under AML rules. More →

Monetary Authority of Singapore allows crypto companies 6-month licence holiday. More →

Ripple, Coinbase win license Singapore exemption. More → 

South Korea

National Assembly passes one of world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency laws. More →

KB Koomin Bank registers trademark for over 20 crypto services in wake of new law. More → 

Binance to open South Korean exchange with BxB acquisition. More →


BTSE exchange IEO sells out in 4 hours. More →

Binance card debuts for shopping, paying bills with Bitcoin and BNB. More →

Lawsuit alleges Binance confiscated $300k in crypto from former moderator. More →

Binance to acquire Coinmarketcap in $400m deal. More → 


Fintech firm becomes country’s first non-banking institution to integrate Ripple. More → 


Marshall Islands

SOV national cryptocurrency to use Algorand open source PoW blockchain. More →




KuCoin exchange restructures to tackle regulatory expansion. More → 


Binance adds first Nigerian Naira as first P2P African currency. More → 


Reserve Bank drafts first policy framework to regulate cryptocurrency. More → 



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